At Heart Strings, we think of ourselves as gurus of gift-giving. We are passionate about helping everyday life experiences become richer with a personal touch. Our hand-selected gift products are unique with both the gift giver and receiver in mind. We’re a family-founded business and everything we personalized is done with love in West Virginia.

We personally spend a great deal of time thinking of the moments when people give and receive gifts. Each day is an opportunity for a special occasion and we are invested in the potential of gift provision. Ask anyone who has received a personalized gift and they are most likely to remember who gave it to them and where they were when they opened it. We want to help facilitate the creation of those new memories and the special bond between the people we love and appreciate. 

If you do not find an item we supply that suits your gift need, we will gladly embroider an item purchased from another store - or, perhaps, something you've owned for years. We love to make our customers happy and as the purveyors of personalization, our embroidery is sure elevate any gift.